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Natural Resonance Center
Supporting Wellness through Sound

Natural Resonance Center promotes the use of sound, music and energy to reach identified health goals and restore wellness in the human system. We know that feeling sound in the body and listening to it through headphones has important therapeutic implications for a wide spectrum of conditions. This understanding is based on information gathered from years of both empirical and clinical research on how sound affects us physically, emotionally and mentally.

Vibrating wellness is the goal. According to a basic law of physics, which forms the core concept behind all sound healing, a strong vibration will cause a weaker vibration to vibrate at the stronger frequency. This explains how disruptive energy in our outer environment (electricity, cell phones, stressed people around us) or inner stressors (thoughts or emotions related to health, wealth, and relationships) can overpower our body and emotions entraining them into an unhealthy state.

To counteract and overcome these chaotic influences we can use powerfully harmonious frequencies, sounds and music to help restore our natural equilibrium. By stabilizing and strengthening the natural vibration of our physical body—in cells, muscles, tendons, organs, as well as nerves and areas of the brain, we harmonize all our biological systems back to homeostasis. In this balanced state, we return to optimum immune functioning, and begin healing.

As research now proves, the combination of specific vibratory and auditory stimulation applied directly to the body and through headphones, results in therapeutic whole-body relaxation, and stress and pain relief, which are the most obvious and powerful effects. Accordingly, vibroacoustic therapy complements many healthcare and wellness programs mainly because it offers ease of use, enjoy-ability, and proven effectiveness. Based on our own research with Parkinson’s patients, we found that vibrating the body and mind with sound is especially effective for any muscular or neurological issues.

Additionally, vibroacoustic therapy also has the following benefits:
• Reduces oxygen consumption • Decreases blood pressure
• Slows heart rate • Slows respiration rate
• Relaxes muscles • Clears anxiety from the mind
• Synchronizes brain hemispheres • Creates calmness and peacefulness

The power of music to transform our emotions is intuitively well understood. Many professionals in the field of healing believe that repressed or blocked emotions account for, and are at the root of many of the issues and diseases we manifest. We see this in examples when emotional healing appears to cause symptoms to disappear. The combination of physical vibrations in the body and our music together are even more powerful to transform emotional imbalances back into a healthy harmonious state.

The Science

The science behind healing with sound, music and vibration has proven that healthy cells or parts of the body vibrate at a stable, consistent frequency. Unhealthy cells vibrate inconsistently – in an erratic, chaotic, or distorted manner. Stress, fear and anxiety all create these incoherent types of vibrations that interfere with the natural functioning of our body systems. In other words, a cell or part of the body is healthiest when it vibrates at its own natural resonant frequency.

Cellular Health – When a vibration is both consistent and matches a natural resonant frequency, the self-healing function of the body is better supported, and cells can optimally repair and regenerate.

Boosting Immune System – Natural resonant vibrations relax the body and mind, therefore boosting the immune system’s response.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction – Sound and music with consistent low frequencies dramatically lower heart rate and reduce stress.

Pain Reduction and Alleviation – Low frequency vibration and any music that entrains the brain into a lower brainwave state reduces pain. This technique is now becoming quite common before, during and after surgery.

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We offer a wide range of services, equipment and technologies that you can use to expand the services you offer -- providing your clientele with exactly what they want and need -- indepth relaxation, rejuvenation, healing, health, and peace. However each type of business has different needs. Click on your type of business to see how we can help meet your needs.

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We also offer full instruction, licensing and support for setting up your own healing center using our products.
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The use of vibroacoustics and sound tables continues to grow due to their ease of use, proven effectiveness, and strong interest by medical professionals, therapists and the public in non-pharmacologic and noninvasive therapies for stress, pain, and a wide variety of symptom management.


Leaders in the Field

Our Sound Healing products are in Spas and Treatment Centers around the world. We have also done music for two major hospitals: Massachusetts General Hospital and University of California Medical Center. With over 60 CD's our catalog of music is the top selling in the field.

Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute is the top College in the field of Sound Healing for the last 10 years. Our Sound Healing Research Foundation is researching the effectiveness of our treatments
We have done research study with 12 Parkinson's patients proving the effectiveness.

We also have an active Sound Healing Treatment Center where we try out different types of treatments. Students also practice in the treatment center and we actively track the effectiveness of every treatment done in the center.

David Gibson has written the top selling book in the field of Sound Healing, "The Complete Guide to Sound Healing."
His music is in Hospitals around the country.

Sound Lounges and Table Options
We offer a wide range of massage table options, including the option of mounting speakers on your own table.

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Sound Tables, Chairs and VibroAcoustic Treatments
A Sound Table/Lounge is massage table with powerful low frequency speakers mounted on the bottom of the table. The table or chair itself acts like a speaker sending healing low frequency vibrations throughout every cell of your body. The music is not only heard through the ear, but delivered to the body directly, vibrating every part inside and out -- cells, muscles, tendons, and organs, as well as nerves, spinal cord, and areas of the brain and brainstem. This opens the possibility direct cellular stimulation and a deeper whole-body response.

A sound table/lounge works with a CD player, mp3 player or other sound source. The sound from your player goes to both the headphones (or in-room speakers), and the speakers in the massage table separately. Therefore, both the volume of the music and the amount of vibration in the table can be controlled separately -- both easily adjustable to the comfort level of the recipient.

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Sound Table Music

We have the most effective music in the field. It is based on the available science in the field, and inspired by Spirit. The music has proven to be extremely effective in headphones. When you add the Sound Table or Chair -- the expereince is not only profound, it is often life changing.

The Sounds and music are designed to take one into divine states of bliss, then to a state of perfect peace and stillness. When a person is at peace both physically, mentally, and emotionally -- the immune system flourishes. We also take the music to an even higher level by holding a specific healing intention while perforrming, recording, and mixing. It is now scientifically proven that positive intention has a positive healing effect on a person when they listen. It is even more powerful when the intention is held with 100% focus during the process..

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